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Venta Quemada

- Challenging Spanish Partridges with First Class Hospitality -

William Powell Sporting is delighted to work closely with the stunning Venta Quemada Estate which is capable of offering some of the most enjoyable and challenging shooting in Spain.  This magnificent Estate was purchased by the current owners in 2013 and has remained in private ownership since.  Under the expert management and watchful eye of one of Spain’s most renowned partridge shoot managers, shooting on the Estate has gone from strength to strength over the years. With the shooting and accommodation now at the highest of levels, the Estate is delighted to have opened its doors to a select number of teams each year offering them the opportunity to experience all that Venta Quemada has to offer.


Venta Quemada is located in the South West of the Iberian Peninsula, approximately 50 minutes from Seville airport.  Not only does this offer convenience to teams of Guns wishing to shoot on the Estate, but it is also hugely popular with non-shooting guests with Seville being one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations.


The impressive Venta Quemada Lodge offers guests incredible hospitality with a delightful combination of tradition paired with modern comfort.  The Lodge’s structure dates back to the 1800’s in a unique and stunning Sevillian style.  With nine impressive en-suite rooms, it is capable of sleeping a full team of Guns in upmost luxury and comfort.


Venta Quemada is fortunate enough to benefit from a variety of topography including some of the steepest partridge shooting ground Spain has to offer.  As a result of this, teams can enjoy everything from staggeringly tall partridge curling high over the Guns below to more traditional Spanish partridge attempting to punch holes through the line of Guns in a more “grouse-like” fashion.  Days at Venta Quemada usually range from 500 to 800 partridges shot across a line of five to nine Guns. 

Similar to the UK, a day typically consists of four to five drives with tacos (elevenses) being served mid morning and lunch either in the middle or at the end of the day in the staggeringly impressive shoot lunch room which is built into the side of the hill and with its futuristic design and far-reaching views, it would not look out of place in a James Bond film.

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For those that may also be interested in some stalking or driven hunting, there are some exceptionally impressive red deer and wild boar both on and surrounding the Estate, which can be incorporated into any shooting trip.


Species: Red leg partridge

Season: Mid October –  March

Location: South of Spain, 50 minutes from Sevilla

Weather: 10 – 30 degrees

Currency: Euros

Team size: Five to eight Guns

Bag size: 500 – 800 Partridge per day


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