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Is your gun future proof?

William Powell are leading the way in steel shot proof side by side shotguns.

3 June 2020

Written by: Mark Osborne

The issue of the future of lead shot and questions of “what next” are regularly discussed amongst guns. We therefore wanted to provide an insight into the work that our sister company, William Powell, has been doing in leading the way for the future of side by side shotguns.

In early 2017, William Powell endeavoured to create two new models of side by side. A boxlock and a sidelock, different in appearance, finish and cost, but with the same objective. They were to be future proof; traditional values merging with modern production techniques, and of course steel shot proofed. Three years later, following extensive design and development, they are delighted with the results.

Visit the William Powell website to find out more about how these guns were created… the ‘story so far’.

William Powell Sovereign - Steel Shoot Proofed Side by Side

The Sovereign

Offering exceptional value for money, The Sovereign is inspired by William Powell’s rich gunmaking heritage and brings together classic styling with the latest technology. Featuring deep cut scroll engraving, elegant sideplates and a beautifully figured straight hand stock, this exquisite boxlock also boasts high performance steel shot proofed barrels. A true alternative to a traditional English shotgun, built with the future in mind.


  • Available from £4,995 inc. VAT
  • Gauges: 12, 20
  • A 16 bore model is available with 2 ¾” chambers and is not steel shot proofed.
  • Barrel Length: 28”, 29”, 30” & 32”*
  • Double Trigger – Single available*
  • Fixed Choke at ½ and ½ with High Performance Steel Shot Proofing
  • Multi Choke available on the 12 and 20 bore model
  • Fitted into a black ABS travel case with combination lock
  • Complimentary gun fit
  • Made to measure options available*

*Additional cost

Visit the William Powell website to find out more about the Sovereign

Or get in touch with a member of our Gunroom Team on 01295 661035 or email:

William Powell Sovereign - Steel Shoot Proofed Side by Side


All William Powell guns now come High Performance Steel Shot Proofed as standard. Ensuring that no matter how soon the switch to non-toxic comes, you'll be prepared.

William Powell guns can also be made to measure and come with a list of additions or alterations to ensure that your gun fits, handles and looks just the way you would like it.


Keep up to date with the latest news and availability as they become available.