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Mongewell Estate

Mongewell Estate is a delightful family owned Estate near to the popular town of Henley-on-Thames. The Estate is predominantly shot privately by the owning family throughout the season, although it does offer a small number of days each season to the let market, which we are delighted to have exclusive access to. 

This unique Estate consists of approximately 350 acres of mature woodland with surrounding arable ground that present a good quality of pheasant shooting both in woodland rides and more open arable settings. With the Estate being managed by our sister company JM Osborne Rural & Sporting, we have an unrivalled control of each and every day, enabling us to tailor each shoot to the clients requirements. Days on the Estate range from 50-100 birds, with teams being encouraged to walk between each of the drives, which adds a unique feature to a modern-day shooting experience.

The Shoot Lodge which plays host to the team throughout their day lies at the centre of the Estate and provides for the perfect hub for the shoot, with all drives within walking distance of the Lodge. Each team is treated to a delicious breakfast, elevenses and lunch at the shoot lodge, which are all prepared on site by the Estate’s chef. The Estate prides itself on returning shooting to its roots, with good sport and exceptional hospitality on offer in the most relaxed of environments. If you would like to find out a more about shooting at Mongewell, please do not hesitate in contacting our team.

Mongewell Estate is located in Henley-on-Thames


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