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The Lordenshaws Estate is undoubtedly one of the most exciting up and coming shoots in the north of England. Located on the eastern edge of the Northumberland National Park, the Estate benefits from a variety of deep gills, mature woodlands and sloping topography, which enables the presentation of exceptional quality pheasants and partridges.

The Estate is also able to offer a variety of walked up and mini driven shooting, which can either be taken in combination with a driven day, or as a standalone booking.


The 2,800 acre low ground shoot comprises of 11 main drives, ranging from the dramatic curling pheasants of “The Beach” drive to tall pheasants climbing high over teams stood in the river gill on “East Raw”, which is now a firm favourite amongst teams of guns.

On arrival at the Estate, teams will meet at the Estate’s shoot room. Situated on the moorland edge, the shoot room overlooks the picturesque Lordenshaws valley, and is equipped with a large dining table and roaring wood burner, making it the ideal location for hosting teams throughout the season. Guests will be greeted with tea, coffee and bacon rolls on their arrival and once all members of the shooting party have arrived, the Estate host will give a detailed safety briefing before leading off for the days shooting. Days on the Estate usually consist of four drives, which are best suited to a team of eight guns (nine can be accommodated if required). A substantial elevenses break is usually taken in the field after the second drive, with lunch being served at the shoot room either during or at the end of the day. The exact arrangements and timings for the day can be tailored to suit the guns requirements.

Driven Days are available throughout the season with target bags ranging from 120-250 birds per day, at a cost of £47.50 plus VAT per bird, which includes full hospitality for the guns.


In addition to the driven offering at Lordenshaws, a selection of smaller mini driven/ walked up days are also available, with the focus of these being on some of the hedgerows and spinneys which lie slightly further out from the heart of the shoot. Guns will find themselves shooting a combination of walked up birds, flushing from cover as the team walks the ground, and driven birds, where guns will be strategically placed whilst areas of thicker cover are pushed out to the guns. These days often provide some of the most rewarding sport, given the variety of game on offer, and also allows the guns to see much more of the Estate, enabling them to enjoy the full splendour of their surroundings. Bags on these days often include a combination of pheasant, partridge, duck, pigeon, snipe, woodcock and rabbit.

Whilst the Estate’s shoot room and facilities are available to the guests throughout the day, teams are to provide their own catering.

Mini Driven/Walked Up Days are available throughout the season with target bags of 30-70 birds per day, at the cost of £37.50 plus VAT per bird.

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The Lordenshaws Estate is located in the Northumberland




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