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Chateau de Voisins

The most memorable sporting experiences are those that immerse you in beautiful, breath-taking surroundings, indulge you with exceptional hospitality and, of course, challenge you with thrilling sport.

The William Powell Sporting Team are delighted to offer you a truly memorable sporting experience, in the form of a trip to Chateau de Voisins, located just 50km from Paris. Chateau de Voisins has a reputation as one of France’s most prestigious sporting estates, and for good reason! The picturesque estate covers approximately 2,500 acres of stunning French countryside and provides exciting and challenging pheasant, partridge, and duck shooting. Combined with the exceptional hospitality, and exquisite accommodation, this is a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The shoot is centred around the Chateau de Voisins which was built between 1903 and 1907. Having been exceptionally well maintained over the years, this stunning building now operates as one of the most comfortable and functional Chateaux in France, whilst maintaining its historical charm. Upon arrival at the Chateau, guests will be welcomed by full butler service, setting the standard the shoot is renowned for. The estate offers teams of guns and their guest’s luxurious accommodation in the main Chateau which boasts ten en-suite rooms, two dining rooms and an engaging library for teams to enjoy put simply, it provides the ideal venue for guests to be entertained.

Chateau de Voisins, now in its fourth generation of ownership, has been sculpted over the past 100 years with the intention to create an idyllic sporting estate for family, friends, and now clients to enjoy. A vision which has certainly been achieved. Throughout its colourful history, this estate has seen many changes, including two world wars, but continues to be a haven of beauty and luxury, offering impressive surroundings to astonish and delight the guests that are fortunate enough to shoot and stay here.

The estate benefits from mature woodland with undulating topography, allowing the keeper to show a good quality of game for the full line of guns to enjoy. Some of the estate’s most renowned drives sees guns stood in the Chateau’s gardens amongst beautifully maintained box hedges and rose beds, with the Chateau providing a picturesque backdrop as the game, including duck, are driven towards you. To end the sporting day, while guns enjoy tea and cake, the shot game is honoured by being laid out in front of the Chateau in an impressive arrangement and display of respect.

In just shy of one century, the Chateau has enjoyed entertaining some of society’s most highly regarded, including aristocrats from across the globe, politicians, and royalty.

However, it is not only shooting that guests can enjoy during their trip. Teams often combine the shooting with other activities such as golf, horse riding or professionally guided tours of other local Chateaux. Alternately, due to the proximity, some guests visit Paris for the day to enjoy its renowned sights and the vast shopping it has to offer.

Chateau de Voisins offers a truly memorable sporting experience and William Powell Sporting are delighted to provide the opportunity for guests to shoot at the estate.

Renowned for our ability to handle every aspect of client’s trips, the William Powell Sporting team can arrange your gun permits, cartridge purchase, transport, and everything in between. If you would like further information about shooting at Chateau de Voisins, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team who will be delighted to assist.



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