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Our moto is ‘Exceeding Expectations’ and that is exactly what we aim to do for all our clients. From the moment you arrive we want you to have the best sporting experience possible and we do all we can to achieve this.



Gun Hire

Gun Hire

We offer a wide variety of 12 bore and 20 bore shotguns for hire throughout the season.

Guns can be hired individually or as pairs for single or back to back days by prior arrangement.

We take great pride in matching each clients gun hire request to their measurements, to ensure the best possible fit is achieved for their day(s) shooting.

For more information on hiring shotguns please do contact us.

Gun Hire

Gun Servicing

Getting your Gun serviced is vital to assuring its reliability throughout the season.

We recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every 3 years, but sooner if you have experienced a large amount of wet weather days during the season.

We offer a 3-4 week turnaround on most guns and pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, knowledge and experience.

To arrange your gun service, please do contact a member of our team.

Gun Hire

Gun Storage

We benefit from access to our own fully insured safe gun storage facility at our Banbury showroom, which is able to accommodate both short and long term storage as required.

Our ability to store guns throughout the year enables us to care for and deliver our clients guns for them, taking the stress out of transporting a guns through airport security, train stations or busy cities. Instead, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that their guns will be awaiting their arrival at your shoot of choice, wherever that may be.

For more information on Gun Hire, Gun Servicing or Gun Storage, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01295 661033


William powell Blue Lightning

Making sure you have the right cartridges for the shoot you’re visiting will undoubtedly make the day more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than feeling under powered when arriving to a high bird shoot. Our Sporting Agents have vast experience and can suitably advise you on the best shot and weight of cartridge to use on any shoot day.

Order your cartridges with us in advance and we will ensure they are ready for you when you arrive at the shoot.

Struggling with your choice of cartridges on the day? We always have an extra supply of 12 & 20 bore cartridges to hand should you run out or want to try something different.

Find out more about Cartridge Choice


We are very lucky to be able to offer our clients access to the very best shooting instructors for in field tuition, and are able to arrange experienced and qualified loaders to help make your shoot day all the more enjoyable.

Simon Ward

Simon Ward

Shooting Instructor

One of the country’s best Game shots, Simon offers bespoke in the field coaching for individuals or whole teams. Please contact us for more details.

Will Robinson

Will Robinson

Shooting Instructor & Sporting Agent

Will leads on the management of the some of the UK’s best grouse moors. This management work gives him a fantastic working knowledge of each of our managed Estates and allows him to adjust each day to the teams requirements.

Will has been instructing in the field for the last 10 years. In 2017 he completed an APSI Advanced Shotgun Coaching Course and became an Associate member. These additional skills give him the ability to enhance his clients days in the field, offering advice on shooting technique and safety.

Ollie Severn

Ollie Severn

Shooting Instructor & Sporting Agent

Ollie is passionate about all things field sports and having joined the team in September 2019 has spent the majority of his time working as a sporting agent, helping provide clients with unique opportunities to shoot on the most exclusive sporting estates throughout the UK, and also abroad.

In 2020 Ollie completed his LANTRA instructors course and more recently in 2021, Ollie finished his APSI Advanced Shotgun Coaching Course and became an Associate member. These qualifications and the time Ollie spends in the field enable him to further assist clients through infield coaching when required.

Peg Assistance & Loaders

Peg Assistance & Loaders

Making the day run easier

Our on the peg assistance (loaders) are primarily there to offer a “helping hand” service, carrying your gun(s) and cartridges, marking your shot birds and offering general advice to help improve your shooting. All of our loaders have been on the Lantra approved loaders course and have years of experience and knowledge.


Anyone that is shooting with us bringing their own guns must possess a valid certificate, and it must be present with them on the day of the shoot. Each serial number of the gun(s) intended to be used must be listed on your certificate. Legally, you may use a shotgun without a Shotgun Certificate providing the owner of the shotgun is present and he or she has a valid Shotgun Certificate.

If you wish to bring a gun into the UK from overseas for your shoot, a visitor shotgun permit must be acquired. We are highly experienced in obtaining these Permits, and can arrange them for individuals or for the entire team of guns. If you would like further information on Visitor Shotgun Permits, please contact us on 01295 661033. We would ask that anyone requiring Visitor Shotgun Permits submits their request to our team at least 2 months prior to the scheduled shoot day.

Airport Collection

Our agents are willing to go that extra mile so whether it be that your planes lands at 23:00 or 04:30 we will have someone there to greet you and take you either to your hotel or deliver you to the shoot in time for the drawing of pegs.

The Finest Accommodation

Getting the right hotel, inn or private shooting lodge is a very important part of any successful shooting trip. We work with the best hotels, exclusive lodges and luxury inns on a regular basis, so they in turn always ensure our clients get the best service, food and lodgings available.

Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation


George Gunn

We are delighted to offer all of our teams George Gunn’s expertise in capturing the most impressive shooting images.

George is renowned for being the UK’s leading fieldsports photographer. From grouse and pheasant shooting to hunting and fishing, his passion for shooting, agriculture and rural/moorland management is reflected in his ability to visually document your fieldsports experience. Over the years, George has worked with industry-leading brands and companies covering exclusive events, royal assignments and private shooting parties. George can normally be found traveling the length of the UK and often globally with clients.

If you wish to have your day photographed please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

Non-Shooting Guests

Not only do we cater for our shooting guest we can also provide endless entertainment for our non-shooting guests. We can arrange bespoke packages to keep you busy whilst your better half is enjoying yet another days shooting.

Whether you want a day at the spa or days shopping we can arrange bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Sightseeing Trips
Spa Days
Clothes Shopping

Sporting Estate Management

Through our sister company, JM Osborne Rural and Sporting, we are also responsible for the management of sporting properties throughout the UK.

We manage and consult on a range of sporting properties, including some of the UK’s most exclusive Grouse Moors, Pheasant and Partridge Shoots and Salmon Rivers.

Our management and consultancy work ranges from complete turn-key operations where the owner literally turns up to shoot, to occasional consultancy visits. This service is completely tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

Find out more about our management services...


Driven Grouse Shooting at Snilesworth

I just wanted to let you both know what an amazing day we had on the moor. We loved every minute of it, even in the rain! I've constantly heard the expression that power boat racing is like standing in the shower throwing £50 notes around but I really think my first day on the grouse was not much different!

I really appreciate the assistance and support you both gave me, the loader you provided (Nigel) was really helpful and very calm and experienced - I liked him a lot.

You are running a great shoot, its perfectly organised, and could not have been better, Bob is a great character and I really enjoyed sitting next to him over dinner and participating in the really stimulating conversation, all the guns were very enjoyable to be with.

If you have any other days at Snilesworth coming up please let me know as I am keen to get some more practice in - subject to my diary, I will be available!

Nick Warfield

5 / 5 stars