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The William Powell Prestige

A new gun designed specifically for shooting high birds

The Prestige is William Powell’s new “high bird” gun. An over and under built on a Boss style action with a detachable trigger unit.

The gun is designed specifically for shooting high birds and as such is available only available in 12 bore with a choice of 30” or 32” barrels.

The gun is stocked with the best, hand selected, Turkish walnut and is beautifully engraved with deep cut scroll. The Prestige is made to the customers measurements.

The importance of a correctly fitting gun cannot be over emphasised. A well fitted gun will handle better in all circumstances and requires less body adaptation to achieve a successful shot.

The Prestige comes as a made to measure gun, this simply means that as part of our service to you, we will make the gun to your exact measurements, making it truly bespoke. Here at William Powell we have a number of trained gun fitters who would be more than happy to spend some time with you ensuring we get the correct measurements for your new gun.

There is quite simply, no better high bird gun on the market that comes fully bespoke within this price range.

The proof in the pudding…
William Powell Prestige Guns will be available to hire to William Powell Sporting clients during the 2019/20 Season.

For more information please see The William Powell Prestige Gun Page
or contact the William Powell Gunroom on 01295 661035


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