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The Viking Challenge

Based on the famous Macnab Challenge, the team at Namsentunet have created their very own version...

Since the start of the CV-19 pandemic, international sporting trips have all but fallen off a cliff. The increased risk, isolation periods and other challenges have made traveling abroad almost an impossibility this year. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! With the first vaccine now being rolled out, we can’t help but find ourselves thinking of exciting sporting opportunities overseas. Many of you will be familiar with the famous “Macnab” challenge and with international travel looking more likely in the near future, we would like to introduce you to the Macnab’s Norwegian cousin, The Viking Challenge.

This challenge, which is the brainchild of the organization Namsentunet, provides clients with the most exceptional and unique of sporting experiences.

Based on the famous Macnab Challenge, the team at Namsentunet have created their very own version, The Viking Challenge. This conquest, which takes hunters to the banks of the infamous Namsen river, just two hours north of Trondheim and to one of Norway’s most exclusive fishing and hunting locations. The challenge involves shooting a Moose, Capercaillie and catching a wild Brown Trout within one day, between dawn and dusk. It is a thrilling and surprisingly demanding challenge which is available between the 25th September to 1st November.

The sporting trip commences with guests checking zero at the nearby Solum Shooting Range before heading into the extensive mountains. At all-times guests will be accompanied by professional hunting guides as well as the trusty moose hound which is kitted out with GPS tracking equipment.

The hunt starts in the early morning, as this is when Capercaillie dawn call from the top of the majestic pine trees. Once the correct Capercaillie has been located and shot, attention turns to the moose, which is hunted using a traditional moose hound, providing for the most exciting and memorable of hunts. Once successful, the hunting group will then return to Namsentunet, to try for a Brown Trout in the sunning crystal clear rivers surrounding the lodges.

Guests can of course bring and use their own equipment, although it is also possible to use one of the rifles or shotguns kept at the lodge. The available guns include .308 Rifles fitted with the best Swarovski Scopes, and Beretta shotguns.

Guests can also benefit from the exclusive shoot lodge which is located within the estate’s impressive 100,000 hectares of prime hunting ground. This includes the spectacular Sanddøla Canyon, one of the largest canyons in Europe. The accommodation is incredibly comfortable and comes in a range of options depending on the size and demands of the hunting group.

Due to the quality and variation of the sporting opportunities available at Namsentunet the area has become steeped in history with British adventurers visiting since the 19th century seeking the best fishing and hunting in the world. Additionally, the Namsen not only offers exceptional hunting but also an abundance of Atlantic Salmon causing explorers to gravitate to the Namsen. These early adventurers were often referred to as “The Salmon Lords” and included well recognised names such as the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, Grosvenor and Churchill amongst others.

The Viking Challenge offers fantastic value for money and whilst it can be tough, it is certainly rewarding, creating memories to last a lifetime. If visiting Namsentunet to hunt, fish or attempt The Viking Challenge is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact Will or Ollie who will be delighted to provide any further details you may require.


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