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Shooting Abroad

Ollie Severn looks at the reasons behind growing interest

It is very evident over the last few years, that overseas Game shooting has become increasingly popular amongst UK Teams. This very noticeable increase is not only in relation to the enquiries received but also in the teams taking forward these enquiries to confirmed trips in exciting destinations throughout the World. It is also apparent that teams are looking to venture further afield in pursuit of these exciting and varied sporting opportunities. In terms of the chosen locations for such trips, there are undoubtedly the firm favourite’s, such as Spain and Argentina, but in addition to this, we are seeing great interest in newer destinations such as Morocco and South Africa.

There seems to be a range of reasons for this exponential growth, with the following themes being evident across most bookings. 

Following COVID and all the associated lockdowns, we saw a great rise in people looking to travel abroad to shoot. Clearly during these times of huge restriction, people formed a new appreciation for travel, adventure and perhaps doing things that they had never done before; shooting abroad being one of many. Certainly, since then, many teams and individuals have decided to pursue their lifelong dreams of shooting or hunting overseas, while enjoying the very best hospitality and sporting opportunities that the wider world has to offer. It has become increasingly evident that Guns thoroughly enjoy exploring new shooting experiences (and different countries’ ways of doing things), to include the adventure of something not previously experienced. In recent years, there has been much improvement in the way in which overseas sporting opportunities are marketed and the increased and improved exposure of these locations, has led to greater interest being generated, leading to a significant increase in overseas bookings. This was seen very clearly when we were fortunate enough to secure the exclusive letting of the very impressive El Koudia Shoot in Morocco. Due to the challenging and well presented birds, exceptional culture and the unique environment, this multifaceted trip ticks many of the discussed benefits of overseas sport and has therefore seen exceptional interest generated from across the UK. 

It is undeniable that Game shooting in the UK has had a challenging time of late, which has certainly added difficulties and significant additional costs to the running of a Shoot here. These changes have resulted in huge price increases for paying Guns, leaving teams looking for what they perceive to be either better value for money, or just a different shooting experience; many people thinking that if I am going to be paying more for what I have done for many years here at home, maybe this is the time to look at the alternatives which are out there? Some of these destinations are also much more attractive to the non shooters. Not only do all good (and recommended by William Powell Sporting) destinations provide Guns with the excitement and adventure of shooting abroad, but they also do so while offering exceptional value for money. It is not uncommon for the price per bird overseas to be cheaper than what we are now used to here in the UK, but not only that, the overseas prices often include accommodation, gun hire, cartridges and airport transfers. As a result, UK clients have the opportunity to visit these extraordinary destinations and enjoy the phenomenal sport they have to offer, whilst the costs are often the same or less than shooting here in the UK. 

Whether as a team or an individual Gun, you are looking to shoot overseas as a one-off trip or on a more regular occurrence, there are many benefits outweighing the few negatives. However, given the slightly unfamiliar territory to most Guns, we would always suggest seeking advice and guidance to ensure that your chosen destination will provide you with exactly what it is you are looking for. If indeed, you wish to find out further information or simply discuss an initial interest, please contact either Ollie or Will, as we would be more than delighted to assist in any way possible.

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