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Review: Wild Boar Hunting in France

A summary and details of one of the most exciting forms of driven shooting available.

Sitting immersed in the stunning French forest any track of time was lost as the anticipation and excitement overwhelmed me as the deep barks of the beater’s dogs rang out in the fresh morning air. As the drive progressed excitement and nerves grew in parallel as my eyes caught sight of my first wild boar traveling the ridgeline in the distance. A few minutes later, as I sat and watched, shots rang out in the direction of the next sighted boar. Definitive thuds suggested good shot placement and we had the first boar of our hunt. With the score card marked, we progressed to the second drive, where my opportunity presented itself. The drive commenced with the distant sounds of dogs and the increasing rustle of a loan Boar as it moved in my direction, weaving its way through the thick bush. As the boar approached, I froze, adrenaline pulsating through my body, allowing him to come as close as possible, and give myself the best possible chance of success. Slowly, I lifted my rifle and at the first sight of movement, he broke into a run, hurtling through the undergrowth at an unbelievable pace. As he crashed through the vegetation, I waited for my moment to strike, twenty, thirty, forty yards away the boar ran before a clearing exposed him, and, tracking him in the scope, I squeezed the trigger, causing the boar to drop instantly.

Driven Boar shooting is undoubtedly not for the faint hearted, and provides a superb alternative to classic driven Wing Shooting in the UK. At William Powell Sporting, we have teamed up with a superb Estate offering Driven Boar packages for one or two-day hunts in the stunning forests of the Loire Valley. The nearest town, Doue La Fontaine is a historic and beautifully quaint town littered with chateaus and rich in history, and is only located an hour and a half from Nantes Airport. The Hunting ground provides a variety of cover, with mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland and pastures, offering beautify scenery, and an ideal habitat for driven boar hunting. Formerly the hunting Parc of the adjacent Chateau, this estate offers the perfect combination of both first-rate hunting and accommodation. Driven boar hunting is held in high regard as one of the most exciting hunting opportunities offered in Europe, and with the possibility of experiencing the sound of a loan boar creeping past your stand over crunchy leaves, or a large group of boar charging through the forest, few could argue that there is no greater excitement than the opportunity of a shot approaching. We are delighted to be able to offer a promotional package with this exclusive Estate, which includes a session training on the simulated driven boar range to ensure you are best prepared for the opportunities that will present themselves. Exclusive hunts can be arranged for a minimum of six hunters or alternatively single hunters can join existing parties.

If you would like to find out a little more about driven boar shooting, please do not hesitate to get in touch on or call 01295 661 033.

Alternatively please see our Wild Boar pages for more details.


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