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Guaranteed Shoot Dates Available

We still have availability on a number of Estates throughout the UK

As you may already be aware, France is experiencing one of the biggest bird flu outbreaks in recent history. Given that the UK depends heavily on France for a significant volume of both pheasant and partridge eggs, as well as day-old chicks, sadly in most cases these will now no longer be available for this coming season.  There are as a result, a significant number of UK Shoots unable to obtain their orders, which has left them with little choice but to reduce their Shoot calendars or shut the Shoot entirely for the coming season.  This has come as a significant blow off the back of the past two “covid” seasons, with both Guns and Estates feeling the full force of these interruptions. We are now seeing a significant number of enquiries every day from teams of Guns who have been contacted by these Shoots which are unable to honour previously booked dates.

At William Powell Sporting, we have been keeping a very close eye on this developing situation and have been in regular touch with those Game Farms supplying birds both on our managed and non-managed Estates. We are therefore pleased to be in a position whereby we still have some limited availability on a number of Estates throughout the UK, all of whom have their bird supplies confirmed.  Further to this, should there be any additional unforeseen changes to this supply (such as Bird Flu here in the UK), resulting in any day no longer being able to be shot, a refund in full or rollover will be offered to all our clients.

For more information please contact Oliver Severn on 01295 661033 or


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