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Fog – The Spectre at The Feast!

The disruption the British weather can cause

In the run up to Christmas it seems to be the case in most shooting seasons that the weather changes from either wet and blustery (or in 2016 dry and relatively still) to foggy mornings which are hopefully then cleared by bright sunshine. Neither are particularly helpful conditions on shoot days but fog is the only one which actually threatens to prevent shooting taking place on the day.

Although many people take out bad weather cancellation cover to protect their driven grouse shooting without giving the matter much thought, far fewer look to insure their partridge and pheasant days during the course of the season. It is hard to convince people in the sunny balmy days of September and early October but even in late October the weather conditions can change but we often get a period of still foggy days when shooting is prevented from starting on time or even cancelled on pheasant and partridge shoots. As soon as we get to that time of year clients regularly email in to ask if in fact they did tick the option to take out bad weather cover, with many discovering they did not! It is worth remembering that Insurers need 14 days notice to provide such cover and (the Met Office gives a reasonably good notification of fog only 5-7 days in advance). We strongly recommend that clients do consider taking out bad weather cancellation cover for all their days. There is nothing worse than sitting around having numerable cups of coffee waiting for fog to lift with the subsequent disappointment, early lunch and a long drive home with a full cartridge bag and clean gun! At least if the financial side of things are taken care of the pain is that much less to bear.

We have an excellent policy available to cover cancellation by bad weather which specifically states that the cover is not void should the shooting start and then has to be curtailed because of poor weather conditions preventing safe shooting. We recommend that all clients consider this carefully.

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