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A Freezer Full of Peace of Mind

By Robbie Kröger - Founder Blood Origins

In the third of our “Friend in the Field” features, we hear from Robbie Kröger, the founder of Blood Origins, an organisation that is passionate about all things hunting.  

These are common headlines around the world:

“The food supply chain is breaking”

“The food supply chain is broken”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has broken the food chain”

These are pretty scary messages for the majority of people. Why? Because it all boils down to food security. Do you know where your food comes from? I do, because I am in a very small minority percentage of the population that are called hunters. Hunters around the world are currently scratching their heads because when they look in the freezer, there is a freezer full of meat. Better yet, that freezer full of meat means food security, and it also means something far more important – a peace of mind. Our message should be something along of the lines of “Eat Wild, Live Free”. That’s a message coming from the Wild Harvest Initiative.

Food is an integral part of why we hunt. It’s also an integral reason for why we hunt. When the US Fish and Wildlife Service creates surveys of non-hunters about what reasons are acceptable to be able to hunt, 87% of the time its acceptable if you are doing it for the food as opposed to 28% just for the trophy. This reason, procuring your own food, is increasing and it is in large part due to the locavore movement, which is a movement fueled by millennials that are interested in understanding where their food comes from, that it’s within a local radius of where they live, that its organic, antibiotic free, hormone free and that it was raised, farmed and harvested under ethical considerations. In our view, all of this points to venison from hunting. What better way to engage a new audience in hunting, but by showing them the health benefits to them as well as the health benefits to their lifestyle.

For this, we have to “Thank a Millenial!”


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