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Moroccan Partridges

- Quality Driven Partridge Shooting in Challenging Terrain -

William Powell Sporting are delighted to work exclusively with one of the very best driven Partridge shoots in Morocco, El Koudia. The Estate lies in the shadows of the Atlas Mountains and is incomparably close to the historical and beautifully cultural city of Marrakesh. Until recently, El Koudia has operated as a private shoot for syndicate members only, but as of the 2023 shooting season, the Estate and William Powell Sporting have teamed up to offer the opportunity of shooting this largely uncharted destination. Not only does the shoot offer a fantastic quality of Partridge shooting, with an average shot ratio of 5:1, but there is also the attraction of the stunning city of Marrakesh only a stones throw away.


The shoot is located a mere 30 minutes from the centre of Marrakech and its World renown souks and markets. The Estate benefits from over 12,000 acres of deep valleys and rocky hillsides, providing the Barbary Partridge with the ideal habitat within which to thrive and ultimately be driven from.  


Shooting on the Estate runs from mid-October until mid-February. Those shooting on the Estate tend to shoot back-to-back days with the anticipated bag of 500 Barbary Partridges across the two days. The Barbary Partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family, and is native to North Africa. It is slightly larger than our French or English Partridge, but that does not in any way impact upon the way that they fly. The combination of these strong birds and the terrain results in a quality of shooting to challenge the most seasoned of shots.

Shoot days start with the team being collected from their accommodation of choice, and driven the short distance to the Shoot Lodge which sits on top of the mountains providing the most spectacular of views across the surrounding area. It is here that the guests will be introduced to the Estate team and their loaders for the day. Following a safety briefing, the team of guns load into the 4×4 transport on offer and head off for a morning shooting, which usually consists of three drives, with drinks available between each. Lunch is traditionally taken in the middle of the day at the stunning shoot Lodge. Following lunch a further one or two drives are shot. The day culminates in the team returning to the shoot lodge for the presentation of the bag for the day which is a very traditional part of the shoot day experience.

If teams of guns wished to stay a little longer in Morocco, other sporting adventures can be arranged such as shooting Quail over pointers, dove flighting and driven boar.

Shooting in Morocco is a truly unique and enchanting experience, offering teams of Guns the opportunity to enjoy the deep culture of Northern Africa and the sense of adventure that comes with it. 


Through our partnership with El Koudia we have the ability to offer accommodation at the exclusive and highly private residence of Azaren. This magical residence is a secluded retreat 30km South of Marrakech with spectacular views of the Atlas mountains. The Azaren Estate is fully staffed, comfortably accommodating 22 people in the main house and garden villas. With its heated pool, tennis court, spa and fitness centre/yoga studio, Azaren has something for everyone and provides the perfect location for teams to be based from whilst shooting at El Koudia (1 hour drive), exploring the streets of Marrakech (30 mins) or the Atlas Mountains (1hr 30) themselves.

Alternatively, for those looking to be closer to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech itself there is plentiful accommodation on offer within the City. For those staying within the City, the drive to El Koudia is a mere 30 minutes away.


Marrakech benefits from regular flights from the UK, which can (depending on the time of year) be very economical. Upon landing in Marrakech, teams are collected in 4×4 transport and driven to their chosen accommodation, all of which is included within the price of shooting.


Species: Barbary Partridge

Season: Mid-October to Mid-February

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco 

Weather: 20 – 28 o

Currency: Moroccan Dirham 

Team size: 8 Guns

Bag size: 250 birds per day

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