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La Nava

- This prestigious Estate offers Spain’s most sought-after Driven Partridge Shooting -

La Nava is arguably not only one of Spain’s most traditional Estates, having hosted shooting parties since the 1975, but also one of Europe’s finest sporting destinations. This prestigious Estate spans some 7,900 acres of Spanish Countryside and offers not only some of Spain’s most sought-after shooting, but also superb hospitality which boasts an incomparable attention to detail.
The Estate is located in Castilla La Mancha, an area of Spain that is recognised for its rich, diverse, and exceptional offerings to all field sports enthusiasts. As a result of the sheer scale of the Estate, teams are able to enjoy the varied range of topography which ranges from one extreme to another, all within the immaculately kept privately owned grounds.


La Nava is able to offer shooting from 15th September to 31st March each year, during which they welcome teams from across the globe. The Estate has built an indisputable reputation over the years for the quality and variety of shooting that is offered. This variety allows guests to choose between those more traditional Spanish Partridge drives within the ancient olive groves and those more extreme drives found in the deep valleys and steep ravines, which are comparable to those in the North of England or Southwest England.
There are very few Estates that are able to offer both traditional Spanish partridge such as those found on Drives such as La Solana and El Toscar, shot almost as one would shoot grouse, whilst also having the ability to shoot more extreme long curving partridge off drives like El Principe Cara and Cruz.
The keeping team at La Nava, responsible for such a quality of shooting, consists of seven dedicated gamekeepers who take great care of the partridge and their habitat all year round. The knowledge held by the team can be clearly seen when watching the drives unfold with a steady stream of partridge being presented beautifully along the full line of guns. The respect and tradition shown to the partridge throughout the day is plane to see, with the on-foot team of beaters also accompanied by flagmen mounted on immaculately turned-out horses. Seeing this appear over the hill towards the end of each drive is a truly memorable spectacle.


The format of a Spanish partridge day has many similarities to what we are familiar with in the UK. The day starts with a fantastic breakfast in the Estate lodge before getting “suited & booted” for the morning briefing which is usually held at circa 0900 hrs each morning. This provides a quick overview and plan for the day before the team heads off to the first drive of the day.
When arriving on the drive, Guns are shown to their individual peg and meet with their loader and secretario who will have all required guns and cartridges for the drive. In addition to these obvious essentials, the dynamic duo are also equipped with stools, loading equipment, ground mats and the renown “lollypops”; a sunshade shaped like a lolly that is strategically positioned to shield you from the glare of the sun whilst shooting.
Depending on the guest’s preferences for the day, two or three drives are shot before stopping for the Spanish equivalent of elevenses, known as Taco. This is an elevenses like no other, with the extensive banquet being enjoyed in the field under the glorious Spanish sun.
Additional drives are then shot before the team enjoys the delicious lunch prepared in the field by the Estate’s exceptional in-house chefs. Following this, the team will enjoy the last of the shooting or return to the lodge perhaps for a spa or swim before dinner.


The stunning La Nava Lodge has been designed and built specifically to accommodate shoot parties in the upmost comfort across the lodge’s 14 en-suite double rooms. Each of these rooms has been individually decorated with a high attention to detail with a combination of classic, rustic and elegant styles. All rooms are fully equipped and offer up-to-date technology and facilities to ensure maximum comfort for the guests. The lodge has two stunning sitting rooms enabling guests to relax, unwind and discuss the days shooting in a private setting. The main sitting room has a large, south-facing terrace, well situated for enjoying the stunning evening sunsets. The second slightly smaller sitting room is ideal for those seeking slightly more privacy and relaxation.
To complement the exceptional cuisine offered at La Nava, the house has multiple dining rooms. The main and biggest of the dining rooms, which seats 24 guests, sits at the centre of the lodge and has a large fireplace and impressive window offering expansive views from the comfort of the dinning room. The Lodge also has ample outdoor dining space on the main terrace, allowing guests to dine outdoors on the warmer summers evening.
In addition to all of this, the Lodge hosts a state-of-the-art Spa, Sauna, Turkish bath, two massage rooms and a special relaxation area that will allow you to unwind, relax and take care of your body and mind either before or after your days shooting.


Not only can La Nava offer exceptional shooting but over the years they have also expanded their offering to meet the desires and requirements of non-shooting guests who might wish to enjoy some time in the Spanish sun whilst their partner, friend or family member enjoys the shooting. Those additional activities on offer at the Lodge are; The Spa, The Pool, Conference Rooms, Cinema Room, Horse Riding, Tennis Court, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Golf Course (15-minute drive), Photographic Safari, 4×4 and ATV Routes, Biking and Rally Driving.


The Estate is well situated and within easy reach of Madrid Airport which is just two hours and fifteen minutes’ drive from the Lodge. In addition to this, should you wish to fly privately, La Nava is one of the few Sporting Estate’s in the world able to offer a fully operational runway suitable for most private jets. Furthermore, the lodge is pleased to offer guests the use of its private helicopter landing pad should guests wish to take a helicopter flight from Madrid airport. Both options undoubtedly provide the utmost convenience for those looking to minimise travel times.

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