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Driven Grouse Shooting

- Driven Grouse shooting is the Sport of Kings! -

William Powell Sporting is pleased to be recognised as the leading grouse shooting agents in the country, given our exclusive access to many of the best moors in the UK. We pride ourselves on our incomparable knowledge and insight into the day to day running of grouse moors, which enables us to seamlessly ensure days are perfectly tailored to all team’s requirements. This reputation is complemented by our sister company JM Osborne Rural & Sporting, one of the country’s leading sporting estate and grouse moor management companies.

Driven grouse shooting is recognised as the ultimate wing shooting experience, likely due to the wild nature, agility, and sheer speed grouse are capable of. This awesome combination allows for the most challenging yet enjoyable experiences and attracts sportsmen and women from across the globe.

The start of the season is marked by ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ (12th August) when the grouse shooting season commences and brings enthusiastic teams to the North of England and Scotland in pursuit of this awesome quarry.

Grouse shooting is traced back approximately 160 years to 1853, with the speed of its rise in popularity likely due to the improvements in railways and guns of the time. Grouse shooting is now enjoyed by a much larger audience while still holding the reputation as the king of game birds.

A typical day’s grouse shooting consists of meeting at 09:00 where the team will meet the hosts and any shoot day helpers (loaders/minders), who will take care of the guns throughout the days shooting. Following this, a safety speech will be given, and a draw will take place to establish each gun’s shooting position/peg number for the day. Guns will then leave the meeting location to the first drive where they will head to their butt where their loader will be with all the necessary equipment for each drive including guns and cartridges. Most days will consist of two drives followed by a delicious selection of snacks and drinks enjoyed in the field, known as elevenses. Further drives will then be shot before heading back to the lodge or meeting location for a delicious lunch. Your William Powell Sporting host will always be on hand to assist with any requirements that you may have throughout the day.

Please note, due to the exclusivity of some of our locations we do not publicly release all our grouse dates. Therefore, if grouse shooting at one of our exceptional locations is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact the team and we will be delighted to assist you with any interest you may have.

Shooting Season Dates:

August 12th – 10th December

Hand-Picked Estates

Driven Grouse shooting is the Sport of Kings and we are fortunate enough to be actively managing some of the country’s finest Grouse Moors, giving us access to some of the UK's most sought after grouse shooting. These are just some of the Estates that come highly recommended...

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A Day on the Driven Grouse

You're the best! For my first driven grouse experience, I couldn't have been more pleased. Your company was extremely professional and every one of your staff were incredibly friendly, and couldn't have been more helpful.

All the details were taken care of, I just had to focus on my shooting. If you are looking for the complete package done right, this is the team to use.

Raymond Oglethorpe

Former President, America Online

5/ 5 stars

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